Daniele Angeli

UX-UI Designer

Hello There!

My name is Daniele and I like Design.

UX/UI Designer with strong digital experience and development skills. I studied Arts and Sociology, Graphic Design and Human Computer Interaction.
I like to create wireframes and sketches from tasks and scenarios and turn them into fine design pieces of work. Please feel free to browse my Portfolio, I have some passion for visual arts and...I am proud of my Italian flair...

Software/Coding Skills


Coding Skills
HTML 5/4
CSS 3/2
jQuery (greensock.js)

UX and Prototyping

Microsoft Office
Vue Esprit


2017. Amalytics Ltd.
User Experience. Task Analysis, Scenarios and User Journeys, Wireframing. UI Design.
2016. Kindred PLC. www.kindredplc.com/
Designer/Developer. Desktop and Mobile.
2013. Inskin Media. www.inskinmedia.com
Digital Designer and User Interface. Design and development of on-line animated web skins and microsites.
2012. Ladbrokes. www.ladbrokes.com
Graphic and User Interface Designer. On-line gaming. Web and print design. UX projects.
2008. Sportingbet plc. www.sportingbet.com
Web Designer. On-line gaming. 2011 Award: Sportingbet plc. Best online campaign designer.
2007. Cleverat ltd. Email marketing Designer. Design and development of on-line campaigns.
2006. Italian Invention Designers. Graphic/Web Designer. Web design and print publishing about Italian and international fashion and jewelry.
2005. Tep Web Agency. Sales and Graphic Designer.
2004. Ph.D. in Media Studies And Fine Arts.
University of Siena. Contemporary Art, Graphic Design, HCI, Sociology.


User Experience
Digital Design
Art Direction
Front-End Development
3D Art
Digital Animation
Art History

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